Our Values

The Be Well BIG 5 Core Values are a list of qualities and actions that we live through at Be Well. These values were set in place because as a team we believe that we can create the best experience for our customers through the power of being an awesome human being.

1. ACE. Amazing Customer Experience.

ACE is what makes Be Well. Every interaction with a customer is another opportunity to creating an AMAZING experience. Each team member, no matter what their position, at Be Well has the opportunity of adding to ACE in their own unique way.

2. Promoting a love of community through our love of food and healthy living.

Be Well is a family and our family extends from the team members to the customers everyday through ACE. Through ACE and our love of food and healthy living, we have joined together a growing community. Our customers come in to Be Well not just for the amazing food and warm smiles, but because they love that we love them.

3. TEAM. A passionate positive team with a family spirit.

Every team member at Be Well is always positive and very passionate about the food, service, and culture that Be Well continues to excel towards. 

4. A love of learning and continued growth.

Here at Be Well, the team is not just passionate about being a family, but the team is passionate about growing and learning together. We see every success and failure as another opportunity to learn and grow from to improve upon next time. With this mindset, you can become the best YOU and team member possible. Be Well also provides a monthly Book Club where a group gets together to talk about a previously read book that will help only create a more successful work environment and could possibly be related to life outside of Be Well.

5. Creating a space for real human connection.

Be Well is a family, Be Well is a community, and more importantly, Be Well is a space for people to connect. The family and community culture at Be Well allows our customers to not only connect with our team, but to connect with other customers as well. We've seen people make new friends, connect with old friends and family, and even come to Be Well if they just need a friend. Here at Be Well, everyone adds to truly create a space for real human connection.