The Peanut Butter Tuxedo Cups that started it all

Our Story

The story of Be Well is a Girl meets Pie sort of love story.  

In 8th grade (1997) Adriann Spinks Glunz started making pies on the weekends with tart “Pie” cherries from her family’s small orchard.  She dreamed of having a bakery.

Years later (2003-2007), a college rower at UNC Chapel Hill, her love for baking continued to grow and evolve. She focused on developing smart, healthier recipes that supported her athletic pursuits.  

After retiring from the Elite Training program at Vesper Boat Club in Philadelphia in 2010, Adriann spent all of her free time experimenting with old family recipes, baking up unique new favorites. Sharing the freshly baked goods with loved ones was the best part.

In September 2010, on her first date with now husband, Ryan, Adriann confessed her dream of owning a bakery. His business degree, entrepreneurial spirit, and confidence in those first Peanut Butter Tuxedo Cups set the dream in motion.

The couple’s passion to share fresh, vibrant, fruit and veggie packed foods, grew and grew. Be Well Bakery & Cafe opened its doors in Bryn Athyn/Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania on February 25, 2012. They married that September.

Today, our customers, community, and fantastic, unique flavors are our focus. Taste and nutrition are not mutually exclusive: Our goal is to strike a smart compromise.  

Eat Well.  Live Well.  Be Well.